About Us

Pegasus Automation International LLC(PAI) is a US based company that specialized in designing and manufacturing building control system since the 90s. PAI has a full range of controlling products such as software, controllers, sensors, actuators and many others. which are sold worldwide and designed to offer a complete solutions to building controls industry.

Years of experiences, innovative ideas, quality production facilities and concrete services make PAI a leader in the building control industry. Now, PAI is a member of BACnet which complies with ASHRAE international standard.

Besides this, PAI is a member of Modbus Org which seeks to drive the adoption of the industrial open communication protocol suite and the evolution to address automation system across multiple market segments.

PAI has 20 over international distributors and partners’ network throughout America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia. If you have any enquiries, feel free to contact us for further information.

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