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  • Pegasus IBMS core engine – Bisys (Binary Integration System) 

Bisys (Binary Integration System) had been designed to provide seamless integration for different protocol systems in 90s and it is still in use for decades. Bisys engine supports multiple industrial standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks, SNMP, XML, ASCII etc. By using this powerful core engine, multiple M&E equipment (Chiller, VSD, BTU, VAV, VRV, DPM etc) and different protocol can be integrated easily.

  • Pegasus SCADA HMI(P-AWS P-OWS)  

P-AWS & P-OWS provides comprehensive tools and design-time features to allow engineer to design, construct, deploy, test, backup and restore data in a user friendly platform. Using drag and drop features and completes animated templates, the system can be up and running in just a few clicks.

  • Pegasus Building Controller (P-BC)  

P-BC is a centralized equipment which connects to DDC or 3rd party devices through small, medium or large scale of applications. It can connect up to 128 devices(any vendor). With Ethernet technology, it’s able to up-link into any commercial local area network(LAN) or wide area network(WAN). The P-BC can work as standalone system or networked with other P-BCs to form a large scale system.

  • Pegasus Advanced Application Controller (P-AAC)

P-AAC is an advanced controller which can apply to small and medium scale systems. It has programmable memory, built-in IOs and serial ports which can connect up to 16 devices (any vendor). The P-AAC can function as a standalone system or networked with other P-AACs to form a large scale system too. Besides these, P-AAC may able be implemented for large scale district cooling plant and chiller plant system too.

  • Pegasus Application Specific Controller (P-ASC)

P-ASC has multiple combinations of IOs. It is ideal for subsystem application such as AHUs, FCUs, Lighting and Solar Hot Water Heaters etc.

  • Pegasus Smart Touch Screen (P-STS)

P-STS is a programmable colour touch screen panel which comes with several sizes. Sub systems can be simultaneously monitored and controlled locally and / or remotely.

  • Pegasus Smart Sensor (P-SS)

P-SS with LCD display with either single sensing technology or multi sensing technology is the new way in BMS solutions compare to the traditional sensor. P-SS reduces cabling cost, identical readings at the local LCD display, remote HMI and eliminates the A/D conversion error. Most importantly, it provides real-time data sharing with no calibration which isn’t required at the controller side, as calibration is done by the P-SS.

  • Pegasus Smart VAV Actuator (P-SVA)

P-SVA comes with built-in control compared to conventional type actuators. It’s also bundled with built-in Air Flow measurement to optimize air volume controlling.

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